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Applications to pharmaceuticals

Sialic acid has been applied to pharmaceuticals that are effective against influenza virus.

Influenza virus

Schematic diagram of influenza virus

Influenza virus binds or invades the cells of the target of infection, and after proliferation, it develops infection in other cells by extracellular migration.

This virus has a shape like a "chestnut" having numerous prickly protrusions. There are 2 types of protrusions, playing a role as a "paste" and a "nipper," respectively. First, the protrusion functioning as a "paste" binds with sialic acid present on the cell surface, then it infiltrates into the cell inside, and after proliferation, it exfiltrates by breaking the bonds with the cell by the protrusion functioning as a nipper. The exfiltrated viruses invade other cells, one after another, which is the mechanism of viral propagation.

Inhibition of the action of virus

The currently marketed anti-influenza drugs alleviate the symptoms of influenza by neutralization of the role as a nipper of influenza virus.

One of these drugs has been developed using sialic acid as a raw material. The "nipper" is neutralized by this drug, through which the virus proliferated after cell infiltration cannot be removed from the cells.

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