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World's leading sialic acid business

Food & Bio Research Center, Inc. has acquired various patent rights related to sialic acid, being the world’s leading supplier.

Sialic acid is one of the acidic sugars that are present in the sugar chain terminal on a cell surface, and the sugar chain is involved in inter-cellular signal transduction, playing a role in receptor-like functions, etc. Although sialic acid is contained in swallow’s nests, cow milk, chicken eggs, etc., as natural sources, there may be limitations in the manufacture of sialic acid from these natural sources from the aspect of quantity and cost. SANYO FINE CO., LTD. succeeded in the production of high-quality sialic acid on a large scale and at a low cost using the unique technology. Currently, the technology is used for the manufacturing of anti-influenza drugs, attracting attention to applications in pharmaceuticals, reagents, and functional foods.

What is sialic acid?

Sialic acid is present in the sugar chain terminal on a cell surface, and the sugar chain has various physiological functions. It is also present in breast milk, etc., playing a very important role in the growth of infants.

Applications in pharmaceuticals

Great attention has been paid to sialic acid as an essential substance for the development of new compounds that inhibit the characteristic actions of the influenza virus.

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