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Hepatic function test with widdle

This is a convenient hepatic function test with "widdle" without blood collection.

Bile acid in widdle

Widdle plays a role in excretion of waste substances from the body to the outside. Bile acid is a substance that is produced in the liver with cholesterol as the raw material, having the functions of supporting digestion and absorption of ingested substances in the intestines. When the liver becomes ill-conditioned, bile acid leaks into the blood, through which blood bile acid level is elevated. Since elevated bile acid in the blood has adverse impacts on the body, it must be excreted from the body to the outside. Thereby, bile acid is converted in the liver to a form that can be readily excreted into the widdle. In this way, waste bile acid is excreted into the widdle in the form called urinary sulfated bile acid (USBA).

Enterohepatic circulation

Assay of urinary sulfated bile acid (USBA)

Automatic analyzer for laboratory examination

For the assay of urinary sulfated bile acid (USBA), first, bile acid must be dissociated from the conjugate. No convenient methods for this conversion are available till now; therefore, the assay of USBA has not been made as a laboratory examination item.
The studies on the enzymes with which bile acid can be readily dissociated from USBA, have been made at the SANYO FINE CO., LTD. which led to the discovery of the new enzyme, "bile acid sulfate sulfatase." The assay of sulfated bile acid, which has been difficult with conventional methods and practical application of which has not been made, has become possible by the use of this enzyme.

For the assay of urinary bile acid sulfates

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